When She Couldn’t Leave Stockholm

A short Halloween poem, more clever than brilliant. Less macabre than creepy. But perhaps something to mark the season.


When She Couldn’t Leave Stockholm

I saw,

an eye saw

It’s my nature that, I soar with every eye sore.

Through the crowded room,

Caught Her Eyes

Caught Her Eyes

I caught her eyes,

I cauterise the eyes she threw.


Watching the youth in her eyes,

Watching me euthanise.


Oh torments bred,

Open upon a floor dyeing red,

Lay books dying to be read.


In my surgery,

Among the surge and hurry,

Leaving a coat of waste,

Upon my waistcoat.


Running among mist reams,

Failing to hear missed screams.


Sins never to be forgiven,

Fleeing unbidden.IMG_5132

Fearfully meeting stares,

Upon meat eating stairs.


A scrap lace of forgotten,

remaining out of place.

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