And Then They Ruined Everything – Book Two in the The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll Series


When worlds collide in positive way to satisfy both sides of my personality: a fully executed publishing contract and a print ready manuscript.

I’m thrilled to announce that the anticipated release date for And Then They Ruined Everything is 28 June!

Thanks to everyone who provided support and in particular‪ Elm Grove Publishing‬

Watch for a new Facebook page to support the new book, as well as information regarding advance copies.

The Story So Far:

This is a story about time travel.
This is a story about rock ‘n’ roll.
This is a story about life and of art, and this is the second book of the series. Like life, music, art and time travel it doesn’t really matter where you start, just so long as you do.

However, if you are starting here, this is a story in which two friends have discovered a means of traveling through time utilizing Guitar Hero (the videogame) coupled with a mixing table affectionately, maybe sardonically, called Louis Louis.

Starting as a lark to attend gigs throughout time and space allowed Kenn Ramsayer and his best friend to enjoy a richer rock ‘n’ roll experience. However, before long, they discovered that certain situations needed a nudge to help them along. Sometimes more than a nudge was required, and they had to kidnap a British Prime Minister in order to restore the natural order of things.

Although typically distrusting of women, both of the boys found themselves infatuated by women at the end of the first novel. The real trouble began there–the story resumes here.

Within the storyline, the characters re-enliven their personal tensions only to realise that they need to come together in order to restore rock ’n’ roll. Retracing steps through fading memories, the boys not only discover when rock ‘n’ roll died, but how to revive it.

An adventure calls them forth to face their heroes and enemies, often unsure of who is who, until the combine forces with a group entitled The Magnificent Seven.

Need more inspiration? First 20 pages of novel follow from here:

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