duncan-portraitI am a non-practicing lawyer in search of a forum where prose doesn’t include the terms “notwithstanding” or “but for.”

Human interactions and social context in all forms intrigue me, providing much of my literary inspiration.

My passion and insatiable appetite for music, art and literature led to my debut novel, The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Impossibility of Time Travel and Other Lies. The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll is the first in a four part series.  I am pleased to announce that Elm Grove Publishing has now published the second book, And Then They Ruined Everything, available directly from Elm Grove PublishingAmazon, or on inquiry with your local book store.

In addition to The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll series of novels, an un-named non-fiction work as well as a novel based in Sydney are presently in development. The novel will continue the exploration of social interactions through the experiences of young professionals trying to reconcile their own ambitions in a world beyond their control. A place where escape from previous choices isn’t always possible.

Taking a step away from fiction, the non-fiction work is aimed at the professional development audience, particularly those seeking ways to maximise the effectiveness of their presentations. This book is based on my successful seminar series, as well as professional experiences during my law practice and as a business consultant and similar to many of my LinkedIn posts.

Currently residing in New Zealand, I am fortunate to be married to someone whose career facilitates travel abroad. It is through travel that gain perspective and insight into human conditions that inspire my writings.

The arts should inspire us to achieve greater compassion and understanding; help us find our voice and articulate what we see around us.