Smile, Sydney

2015-05-28 11.49.46

Take time to smile.

Take time to say hello, or to nod, or to gently acknowledge someone you pass on the street.

A year ago today, Sydney was waking up to news that a terrifying siege had ended with fatal violence. In the resulting torrent of emotion, there was the usual social commentary of sexuality, immigrants, violent offenders, and other divisive labels. But what the commentary overlooked was the fear that people feel, the hopelessness, and the fact that regardless of who might be there to watch, in the end, we all die alone.

Thank your barista today.2015-05-29 13.40.31

Leave a tip for good service.
Ask how someone’s feeling and listen.

Sydney is one of my favorite cities; if you are there enjoy your day.

Have a leisurely meal at the Museum of Sydney’s café (MoS).

Have a friendly dram at the Baxter Inn.

Go to dinner at deVine , or walk around Darling Harbour.

Enjoy the space of Martin Place.

Go into a café and think about how we can make this world better.

Be kind.

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